Bamboo hooded towel 90x90cm - Bear on the bike

Made from 100% CV Bamboo 500g/2. Size 90 x 90 cm. It is extremely soft, with exceptional water absorption properties. It remains soft even after multiple washing.
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150,00 kn
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Waterproof lining for mattress 120x60cm

100% polyester with polyurethane coating
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Bamboo tetra wash clothes - Teddy and Hippo

They are very soft, have antiallergic and antibacterial properties. Absorb 60% better than cotton. This product is used for many purposes particulary in the first year of baby's life, primarily for bathing and wiping babies. Set include 3pcs size 35x35cm
39,00 kn

Bamboo tetra gloves - Hippo and Teddy

Soft, bamboo gloves are suitable for baby care in the first days of his life. It is used primarily for bathing and wiping babies. Set include 3 pcs.
39,00 kn

9 pieces Baby bedding - Green Zoo

Bedding is made from 100% cotton fabric, very soft and gentle. 9 pieces set includes: Pillow, 2 pieces Cover for pillow, 2 pieces Sheet, Bumper for a cot, Quilt, 2 pieces A cover for a quilt The filler for cushions and pillows is 100% siliconized polyester. Gentle and high quality materials with beautiful motifs will turn your baby's world into a cutest fairytale. Suits bed size: 120x60cm and 140x70cm
450,00 kn