1 € = 7,53450 kn

Conditions of use

Terms of sale

In accordance with the Consumer protection law minors and legally incapacitated persons are not allowed to participate in remote sale, it can be only done by their legal guardians.

If ordered items are not deliverable Ethereal d.o.o. will offer the customer the most suitable replacement items. In case the customer rejects the offer payment return will be made.

We do not send the order on the basis of the payment receipt alone, the order is sent after the payment is visible on out transaction account. When the payment is made in one of the Croatian banks we usually receive it the next working day and in some cases two working days after the payment. If the payment is made in of the Croatian postal offices, it takes at least two working days for us to receive it.

If you are making the payment with the payment order and you want to receive your items as soon as possible, please ensure that you correctly fill the payment order. Make the payment order in the bank or over Internet banking before 12.00 o'clock.

The production and preparation of the order for sending, depending on the type of product, takes approximately 2 to 15 working days, and the delivery time depends on the delivery conditions of the courier service and the address to which the goods are delivered.

If the price of products on the web site is not correct because of the error, oversight or it changed in the meantime we retain the right to correct it. Ethereal d.o.o. will inform you about the price change and you can either accept or reject the order with the new price.


In accordance with the article 10, paragraph 1 of the Consumer protection law customer has to right to make a written complaint at seller business location. Customer can also send the written complaint by mail to the address: Ethereal d.o.o, Lug zabočki 56b, 49210 Zabok. Written complaint can also be sent to an email address: info@ethereal.hr. Seller must without the delay in written form confirm the receipt of the customer complaint.
In order to speed up resolving of the complaint, complaint should contain order number, account number or username. Replay to customer complaint will be sent within 15 days (as specified in the law) from the receipt of the complaint. 


One sided contract termination

According to the Customer prtotection law custumer has the right to the one sided contract termination without any special reason given during 14 day from the order delivery. According to article 77, paragraph 5 customer is responsible for any value reduction of the product which resulted from its use.

1. One sided contract termination period

To be eligible for the one sided contract termination you must inform us about your decision within the prescribed period of time in the writen form and in an unambiguous way. Written statemant must be sent to our company address Ethereal d.o.o., Lug Zabočki 56b, 49210 Zabok and must contain your full name, telephone number and email address. Prescribed period of time for the one sided contract termination is 14 days from the moment your order was delivered to you or the third party of your choice (not including the deliver service).

2. Payment return

In the case of the one sided contract termination we will make a payment return, without a delay, and at most 14 days from the moment we receive your contract termination decision and the items in question. Payment return wil be made in the same way the original payment was made. We can make payment return only after receiving the items in question.

3. Items return

It is considered that you have fulfilled your obligation if you sent yout items or deliverd them personally to our address Ethereal d.o.o., Lug Zabočki 56b, 49210 Zabok.

4. Return cost

Return cost is payed by the customer.

5. Customer responsibility for the value reduction

Customer is responsible for any item value reduction which resulted from item use except actions which were necessary for determining the nature, features and functionality of the item. Ethereal d.o.o. determines the item value reduction after receiving the item and notifies the customer about it.


Information on the web site

Ethereal d.o.o. is making an maximum effort in making the information available on our web site current and correct. Ethereal d.o.o. can not guarantee that all the information about our products and services is 100% correct. In exceptional cases there is a possibility of mismatch between the real data and the data available on our web site. Also, the product photos do not always reflect the products which are available and should be viewed as informative illustrations. For all the additional information please contact us at the info@ethereal.hr.  In the case the wrong item is sent to the customer we will make the replacement at our cost or make the payment return.


Terms of use

Web site www.ethereal.hr is owned by the company Ethereal d.o.o. While the site is in use rules specified in this document apply, as well as any applicable law. We retain the right to change these rules (within the bounds of the law) at any given moment without prior notice.


User account

Customer is responsible for keeping his account username and password a secret and for giving the third parties access to it. Customer is responsible for all the action performed with his username and password.


Electronic communication

When you visit us at the www.ethereal.hr or send us an email you are communicating with us electronically. With that you accept he electronic communication with the Ethereal d.o.o.. We communicate with you by sending you emails or by the information given on the www.ethereal.hr. With this you accept all the rules, warnings, notices and other messages which we use to communicate with you. It is forbidden to use invalid email addresses, email addresses you do not own, to impersonate other people and/or organizations or to make any effort to mislead in your communication.