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Cookie policy

This website and its online services may use cookies in order to improve services.The decision on allowing the usage of cookies on the website is completely yours. Please note, however, that the optimum functioning of the website is only possible if the usage of cookies is allowed.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data bases saved to the disc by your browser when you visit our website. This enables our website to recognize your computer next time you visit us so that we can offer you a personalized experience when browsing. In order to be able to use the cookies pursuant to the Electronic Communication Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the EU Directives 2002/58/EZ and 95/46/EZ we require your approval.

By using this website you give your approval and consent to the usage of cookies. By blocking the cookies you can still browse the website, but some of its possibilities will not be availabe to you. Cookies are not designed to spy on the users and are not following everything the user does nor are they malware or viruses. Cookies are also not related to undesired messages or spam, they cannot store your password and are not intended solely for advertising or promotional purposes. Information like your name or email address will not be stored – the websites cannot access your personal information and the databases on your computer.


Which type of cookies does this website use?

Ethereal plus d.o.o. uses two types of cookies on its websites:

Session cookies: these are temporary cookies which stay in the cookie database of your browser as long as you are not done browsing. These cookies are required for the appropriate work of certain applications or functionalities on this website.

Persistent cookies: we may use persistent cookies to improve our users’ experience (eg. by providing optimized navigation). Such cookies stay in the cookie database of your browser for a longer time. This period of time will depend on the choice of settings on your web browser. Persistent cookies enable the transfer of data to the web server each time someone visits the website.

We continuosly strive to provide our users with the best possible user experience. It should therefore be noted that our website only works in the optimum way if cookies are enabled. We can thus recognize you when you visit our website again and the cookies also enable us to discover and correct errors to make your browsing faster and adjusted to your needs. Additional information such as your name or email address will not be stored – websites cannot access information not provided by you nor can they access other files on your computer.


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How to disable cookies?

By disabling cookies you decide whether or not you will allow the storing of cookies on your computer. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser. You are entitled to disable/prohibit the receipt of cookies by selecting this possibility in the Tools/Options menu of your browser.

You can disable the Google Analytics cookies with a browser plugin as well. Please visit GA opt-outs for more details